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本文摘要:Googles Newest Employees: Sheep谷歌雇羊来工作Google is getting a bunch of sheep to do its job.最近谷歌雇用了群羊来工作。


Googles Newest Employees: Sheep谷歌雇羊来工作Google is getting a bunch of sheep to do its job.最近谷歌雇用了群羊来工作。That is, Google Street view is planning on bringing their services to the Faroe Islands with the help of the many sheep there, Google’s 360 degree cameras and some solar panels. The Google team landed last week on the island chain north of the U.K. and in a blog post that is stocked full of sheep puns, they said the animals are leading the way in photographing the lands. Theyre being helped out by residents who are attaching cameras to all sorts of things from wheelbarrows to kayaks.谷歌街景想雇一群羊,让它们抬上360度摄像头和太阳能板,用来收录于法罗群岛的街景。谷歌团队上周才第一次探寻这个英国北部的群岛,他们公布的博客里充满著有关羊的俏皮话,说道岛上主要靠这些羊坚决摄制。



从独轮车到皮划艇,岛上居民老大他们在能放的地方完全都放进了摄像头。The project was actually started three months ago by Faroe Islands resident Durita Andreassen, who set out to document the 18 islands with the sheep. Andreeassen then applied for the Google Street View loan program that “is here to help you share 360 experiences from amazing places” and things progressed from there.该计划3个月前由当地居民Durita Andreassen明确提出,她说道这些羊很合适去记录18个岛屿的街景。


后来,她申请人谷歌街景“通过360度摄像头老大你共享美艳风景”的项目,才有了如此的进展。As it turns out, you can visit quite a few quirky and amazing places using Google Street View. Here are a few of the best locations事实证明,通过谷歌街景,你显然可以喜爱到珍贵的美艳景观。下面给大家列出几个好地方:Cape Royds, Antarctica南极的罗伊兹岬At the Adelie Penguin Rookery, you can see a sunnier-than-expected South Pole landscape with plenty of penguins.在阿德利企鹅栖息地,你可以看见比想象中阳光更加充裕的南极,那里还有很多企鹅。

Count Mayo, Ireland爱尔兰梅奥Here you can get a view of Ireland’s Ceide Fields, a picturesque sight of an archaeological site that dates back to the Stone Age. Points of interest include homes, tombs and other 6,000-year-old structures.在这里你可以喜爱爱尔兰的Ceide高地。那里有很多石器时代的建筑:房屋、坟墓和其他6000多年之久的建筑。

The Grand Canyon科罗拉多大峡谷If you’ve ever hiked the Grand Canyon, you know it’s tough. If you want to take it easy, you can rely on Google to take a jaunt down Bright Angel Trail in Arizona with these 360 degree views.如果你去过科罗拉多大峡谷,就应当确切,到那里十分容易。利用谷歌地图360度摄像头,你可以精彩穿越亚利桑那的亮天使步道,喜爱科罗拉多大峡谷的美景。

Palace Of Versailles凡尔赛宫With gold adorning every nook and cranny, you can take a virtual tour of the palace built by Louis XIV that really angered poor French people at the time.寄居谷歌街景,你可以现实感觉金碧辉煌的凡尔赛宫,国王路易十四为修建此宫殿还引发了民怨。译文科香蕉英语原创,专供自学和交流用于,未经许可,切勿刊登。




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