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U.S. tech giant Apple removed around 58,000 Chinese apps from the companys official app store between June 10 and 21, 33.5 percent of which were gaming apps.6月10日至21日,英国互联网巨头苹果企业从其官方网app商城上下架了大概58000款中国app,在其中33.5%为棋牌app。According to, ASO 100, a Beijing-based data analysis platform, detected the anomaly in the Chinese version of the Apple app store in the past two weeks.据中国青年网报道,北京市数据统计分析服务平台ASO 100以往两个星期检验到苹果app商城中国版本号发现异常。


On June 15, 22,000 apps were removed, a number that is six to 10 times greater than Apples daily removal quota.6月15日,22000款app被下架,这一数据比苹果每天下架配额制的6至10倍也要多。ASO 100 suggested that such a large-scale removal means Apple is cleaning up and regulating the Chinese app market on its iOS system.ASO 100好像,这般规模性的下架意味著苹果已经清理和标准其iOS系统软件内的中国app市场。

Users and experts expressed their discontent, noting that the mass removal of apps might be a counterattack by Apple on its Chinese counterpart Tencent; Tencent owns WeChat, whose cash rewards feature was blocked on the iOS platform in April.客户和权威专家答复传递了抵触,她们觉得,规模性下架app有可能是苹果对中国腾讯官方的一次反击;腾讯官方有手机微信,其打赏主播作用月末4月份在iOS服务平台上被再开。According to ASO 100, Apples move didnt intentionally target the Chinese apps tip service. Instead, the overhaul was reportedly intended to merely get rid of bad-quality apps, as well as those that violated regulations.但据ASO 100答复,苹果下架app并不是有意对于中国app的打赏主播服务项目。

忽视,本次查验代表着是为了更好地逃避低品质和违反规定的app。ASO 100 pointed out that Apple routinely removes a selection of apps every two or three months, so its not advisable to read too much into this incident.ASO 100觉得,苹果一般每两至三个月下架选秀权的app,因而对这事保证过多理解是不谨慎的。




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